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McKay Mortgage Company is a local, family owned residential home mortgage company. We specialize in great rates, unmatched professional knowledge, integrity, and impeccable customer service. Everyone gets the friends and family treatment at McKay Mortgage.

Our Story

“Our advantage is that we actually know what we are doing.”

It was 2013 and increased regulations and tightening guidelines had made it more and more difficult for people around the country to get a home loan. While this might not seem like the most opportune time to start originating residential mortgages, it was the perfect opportunity for Tina and Brendan McKay.

With decades of experience in mortgage underwriting and operations, both understood what went on behind the scenes in closing a clean loan. And at that moment, expertise had never mattered more.

So they both got their mortgage licenses. Brendan kept his full-time job and began originating on the side. Within a year they had their own branch, and four years later their own company. Over which time, they’ve funded over $100,000,000 in home loans for 300 families. Pretty cool.

Our Mission

“Give the people what they need at the price they want!”

Everyone wants to work with an expert. Both personally and professionally, you want to get your advice from people who know what they’re talking about. Our goal is to provide that expertise on what is many people’s largest financial decision of their lives. Buying a home. Read more…

Our Team

The McKays, as referred to by anyone with a brain, are the First Family of Mortgages. Plenty of people have told Brendan over the years, “Oh wow I could never work with my mom.” To which he responds, “Well… I could never work with your mom either.” Read more…

Our Blog: Mortgage 101

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Check out our blog, Mortgage 101 where you can find home loan, home mortgage and refinancing resources, tips and much more!